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Template options + React native SDK release

AUTHOR: The Okra team

️ What's new?

React Native SDK release

We are thrilled to announce the release of our SDK for React Native and React Native Expo flavours, now available on our official Node package manager page. This update brings significant improvements to the overall performance and stability of our build. Users can now experience lightning-fast loading times and enjoy a much more reliable development environment. One of the key advantages of this release is that developers no longer have to depend on third-party packages, as our official SDK provides all the necessary functionalities.

React Native:

We also updated our Flutter SDK:

and our Android SDK:

Projects → Businesses

We've made an update to our dashboard - we've swapped out the terminology of "projects" to "businesses." This change is all about giving you better control over your data. Now you can easily manage separate wallets and customer relationships for each of your businesses. This should help streamline operations and help you organize your data.

App builder SDK templates

We have added all available code snippets for every Okra SDK including: Javascript, Flutter, Android, iOS, and React Native. This completes our SDK coverage in the app builder in order to simplify the integration process using templates.

The pre-built objects are accessible within the app integration page once you build out the options you want to include your application.

For easy setup, copy and paste the preferred code output directly into your application.

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements


  • Minor UI fixes across the dashboard

  • Transactions are now sorted by transaction dates.

  • Flutter SDK release

  • BVN verify stabilization upgrades

  • NUBAN verify stabilization upgrades

  • Improvements to Auto topup on the dashboard


  • GT Bank optimizations for transactions

  • Zenith mobile connection optimizations

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