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Simplified Sandbox Credentials and Developer Docs.

AUTHOR: The Okra team

This month, we've made sandbox testing easier by simplifying test credentials. We are also excited to unveil Okra’s new developer documentation, designed to help you onboard and go live with Okra quicker. Discover these improvements and more, alongside essential bug fixes.

️ What's new?

Globalising Sandbox Testing

  • To simplify test environments, we introduced the global test credentials. This will provide you one generic option for each login method, simplifying your sandbox testing experience for all Okra apps, including account data, payment authentication and instant payments.

Introducing Okra’s new developer documentation

Our documentation now runs on a faster and more reliable platform - it is designed with your onboarding journey in mind. Check it out here!

  • The new structure of the documentation enables to focus on your product; whether you want to integrate Payments, or Account data, you can find relevant information effortlessly.

  • Okra’s OpenAPI specification is now available for you to download directly from the API reference - drop it into your favourite API explorer tool (like Postman or Swagger) and start interacting with the API!

  • We now work in a docs-as-code approach to ensure that you get documentation that is clean and up to date.

Enhanced Receipts for Transparency:

  • Building trust with your users is vital. We now send confirmation emails to users upon successful payment charges from Okra to ensure your users stay informed and confident of every transaction.

Streamlined API Payments:

  • Introducing new API capabilities designed for a better payment experience. Our latest update includes dedicated endpoints for authentication, initiation, and verification of transactions.

  • With this enhancement, you can now effortlessly obtain payment authorization from your users, enabling you to initiate transactions directly through the API. This method offers the simplicity of direct debit, with added flexibility for a tailored payment process.

  • Interested in exploring this feature? Request a demo and participate in our beta testing program by reaching out to your account manager or contacting us at

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements

Financial Institutions

  • Fixed retry mechanisms and improved overall user experience (UX) for Access Bank

  • Improved app profiling logic required for GT Bank.


  • Availability of refunds in the Sandbox environment for testing purposes.

  • Improvements to address and date functions on invoices.

  • Optimized flagging for smoother refund processing.

  • Enhanced input validation for GTB payments.

  • Resolved an issue with false "insufficient funds error" appearing on the dashboard.

  • Improved user interface by removing the "Scroll for more" button at the end of the list.

  • Addressed an issue with renaming apps on the App Builder.

  • Fixed the toggle functionality to enable/disable instant payment on the dashboard.

  • Expanded search parameters on the event page.

  • Enabled payment authorization app creation under payments without specifying the amount.

The Okra Team.

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