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Okra Widget update + Bank and SDK upgrades

AUTHOR: The Okra team

️ What's New?

Introducing the new Okra widget !

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest Okra widget, equipped with incredible features and unmatched coverage of banks in Nigeria. Experience a seamless and efficient process for accessing and managing data and payment services, whether you're a business or an individual.

Dashboard Features

Refund Management on Dashboard We are excited to announce the addition of a new page on the Okra dashboard that allows you to manage and initiate refunds for Okra powered payments. This new feature streamlines the refund process and provides greater control over payment transactions.

SDK Updates

Flutter Guide Update The latest changes to our Flutter guide are now live! You can explore the updated guide at Flutter Guide. This will help developers integrate Okra seamlessly into their Flutter applications.

React Native SDK Issue Fix We have successfully identified and resolved an issue with our React Native SDK. Previously, there were compatibility problems with most iOS devices due to a conversion issue. You can find the updated React Native SDK here: Okra React Native SDK.

React Native Integration Guide For clients facing challenges in migrating to the new React Native SDK from their existing JavaScript integration, we have created a JavaScript sample that demonstrates how to overcome this hurdle. This sample showcases a successful integration of the new React Native SDK with an existing JavaScript codebase.

Other Updates

Temporary Discontinuation of Providus Bank Support Due to Providus Bank's discontinuation of support for ProvidusMobile, released in 2017, we have temporarily disabled Providus Bank on the widget.

Documentation Updates We've made some updates to our documentation to enhance clarity and usability:

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements


  • Resolved an issue with the widget being occasionally stuck in a loading state

  • Resolved various sandbox issues, including records not closing, missing Auth table data, and updating used products.

  • Defaulted App Builder to personal only.

  • Introduced randomized sandbox data for NUBAN verification.

  • Updated the Webhooks documentation page: Webhooks Reference.

  • Fixed integration error on loading with valid credentials.

  • Corrected Events thread prefix for payment widget display.

  • Resolved an issue in [okra-js] where the widget loads infinitely when no widget link is set.

  • Improved error screen when no link is set, providing more informative messages to the user.

  • Addressed an issue where income was successfully pulled as a product but not populated in the income table.

  • Fixed [okra-js] where onClose function did not trigger when using it with Okra.buildWithShortUrl.

  • Limited the App Builder app name to have a character limit.

  • Corrected an issue with Dashboard webhook configurations not saving, which was caused by a mismatch in the Callback URL.


  • Improved Auth success rate on banks, including Kuda, Fidelity, Access, UBA, First bank, and Union web

  • Resolved the "unable to verify the first certificate" error when attempting to link GTB in the data widget.

  • Fixed widget crashes during payment attempts on Standard Chartered Bank.

  • Implemented stability improvements to BVN-verify.

  • Addressed payment completion issues for Kuda Bank.

  • Resolved transaction and income failures for Ecobank.

  • Fixed errors with Providus Bank on payment widgets (mobile/web).

  • Corrected errors with GTB on payment widgets for both mobile and internet connection methods.

  • Fixed login attempt errors for Ecobank Individual/Corporate Web.

  • Resolved issues where users couldn't select accounts after successful login for Globus Bank.

  • Fixed login attempt errors for Stanbic Corporate Web/Mobile.

  • Corrected login attempt errors for Keystone Mobile.

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