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Okra Product Update: July 2022

AUTHOR: The Okra team

️ What's new?

Direct-to-bank feature

This is a new widget option that allows you to pre-select a bank, skipping the bank selection screens on the widget and streamlining the flow. When creating links via the API, you can use the preselect_bank option with the parameters shown below to handle those configurations on the client-side and bypass the widget screens.


Refresh transactions manually

You can now refresh transactions for specific customers directly from the dashboard and receive real-time transaction data. Navigate to an end user page within the transaction tab to try it.

Delete customer

You can now delete certain customer data from your dashboard. If you’re using production accounts for testing, and don’t want that data available to your team, you can delete the customer.  Open an end-user page within the Customer tab to try it.

Widget: Hide QR code option

When using payment links, you can now choose to display or hide the QR code feature. Use displayQR in your widget options to customize.

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements

Financial Institutions

  • GT Bank fix for Invalid OTP returned on valid OTP

  • FBN Mobile bug fix: Cannot Read Property 'Length' of Undefined

  • Kuda Bank Web optimization

  • Zenith web timeout error resolved

  • Access web latency for payments

  • Transaction optimizations for Unity, Polaris, Access, Union

  • Bug fix for the Access bank mobile integration

  • Resolved timeout issue when linking Polaris web on both production and sandbox environments

  • Fidelity Mobile balance optimizations

  • Stanbic payment error resolved


  • Released developer tab on the dashboard for easier access to webhooks and API keys

  • Sandbox enhancements

  • NUBAN verify optimizations on dev environment

  • Payment links dashboard page responsiveness fix

  • Grant granular permissions on the dashboard

  • App builder layout to make customization easier

  • SLA toaster issue resolved when you toggle from Production to Sandbox

  • Income endpoints correction on sandbox

  • Widget update to remove the limit of code length for Access bank and GT Bank

  • Payments optimizations


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