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Okra Product Update: July 2021

AUTHOR: The Okra team

What's new?

This Blog!

As the tech ecosystem in Nigeria grows, we've seen a lot of misinformation around open finance, financial service APIs and other fintechs.  We are committed to accelerating financial service innovation by supporting the growth of our partners, and to do this, we'll be leveraging this platform to share new product innovations, new ecosystem developments and inspiring customer stories!

For anyone still using Wordpress or anything equally clunky, this email/blog system is setup on Ghost CMS.  Highly recommend checking it out!  

API Reference

Check out our updated API reference guide to familiarizing yourself with how the API works — learn what the main interfaces/properties/methods are, what the primary use cases are, and how to write simple functionality with it.  

Go to to try it!

Bank Optimizations

We are constantly optimizing bank connections behind the scenes for scale, speed and stability.  Here are some updates from the past month:

  1. FBN mobile payment optimizations for better stability.

  2. Improvements for Kuda Bank connections, specifically web based payment.

  3. FCMB Corporate account connection fixes.

  4. Providus Bank mobile payments and data linking improvements.

  5. HBNG mobile data linking speed updates.

  6. Access Primer Plus web based corporate account data linking improvements.

  7. Wema Bank/Alat transaction optimizations.


Building a KYC/KYB system in a digital financial business is difficult, especially with the possibilities of fraud and the constant change of regulations. We discussed how we digitally solve the identity problem for businesses in our recent post titled, Improving your Digital Identity with Okra.

APIs are Application Programming Interfaces. Great, but what does that even mean? And how have they been able to power billions of actions across the world? Find out here.

Swipe, a credit cards provider in Nigeria, is scaling operational hurdles in its space with Okra's APIs. Read more!

With open finance, businesses are avoiding crashes and consumers are also not getting drowned by unfair exclusion.

We are hiring!

Are you interested in joining our team? Current openings include: Sr. Software Engineer (Banks) or tell us your dream job!. Apply to all of our job posts on our site.  

What's Next?

We have some MAJOR upgrades coming within the next couple weeks and I can't wait to share.  If you're getting this via email, you're already subscribed and will get that update direct to your inbox.  If you're reading this on the blog, be sure to subscribe in the bottom right!

Happy Q3!

The Okra team.

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