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Okra Product Update: August 2022

AUTHOR: The Okra team

️ What's new?

Revamped Developers tab

You now have better visibility into API and widget activities with the revamped Developers tab on your Okra dashboard.

With the new Webhooks section, you can see the status of each API call, view the payload body, log an issue with support directly from a specific log, and export the data for your use.

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 11.15.24 AM.png

With the new Events section, you can see events along the widget flow for a user, log an issue with support directly from a specific user flow, and export the data for your use. This section will allow you to better investigate and pinpoint user challenges. More information to come in the full feature release this week!

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements

Financial Institutions

  • Fixed Zenith bank login error

  • Lotus bank login issue resolved

  • Stanbic IBTC login issue resolved

  • First Bank web transactions issue resolved

  • Access bank account issue resolved

  • Rubies bank transactions issue resolved

  • Fixed widget connection issue happening for Alat and Wema bank

  • Fixed payment authorization issues for Providus bank

  • Fixed Polaris web login issue with invalid credentials

  • Enabled Alat for business on the widget

  • Fixed GTB transactions issues related to accounts not returning


  • Payments section docs updates

  • Fixed widget options bug on the dashboard


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The Okra Team.

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