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Payment improvements for GTB, Apps, and Refunds

AUTHOR: The Okra team

This update focuses on refining our refund process for Okra payments, optimizing bank workflows, and introducing significant fixes to elevate both the user experience and operational efficiency. From streamlined GT Bank flows to the transition from payment links to more robust payment apps, each change is designed to provide you with smoother, more intuitive interactions.

️ What's new?

GT Bank Flow Upgrades

  • We've removed the step of selecting the bank app and introduced a credential selector for a smoother login process, leading to higher authentication rates and fewer user errors.

Payment Links to Payment Apps

  • We transitioned to a more robust Payment Apps system, accessible via the App dashboard. This change aims to improve integration and user experience, reducing errors for clients using our app builder.

Enhanced Refund Capabilities

  • We streamlined the refund process for efficiency and user-friendliness. Now available through multiple channels, including the dashboard and API to help simplify your payment operations.

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements

Financial Institutions

  • Resolved widget error messages after valid token entry.

  • Fixed a small bug with Access Bank versioning.

  • Corrected infinite loading issues on all bank logins via the widget.

  • Implemented Multi Auth on GT Bank service.

  • Addressed authorization issues with Zenith Bank.

  • Integrated bank flows for Stanbic Bank.

  • Optimizations for Kuda, Alat, and Wema to improve data product success rates.


  • Now restricting logo upload file size in the app builder to 50kb to optimize performance.

  • Fixed username input field issue where the first character was not being saved.

  • Resolved error message on logo file uploads.

  • Improved the RUX Quickpay flow and account selection process.

  • Enabled a test process for customer accounts requiring secret questions and answers.

  • Enhanced form validation to prevent dashboard crashes during wallet top-ups.

  • Reduced search friction in using the bank list component.

  • Fixed a bug where refunds were incorrectly showing the merchant's admin as the initiator.

  • Updated payout balance mechanism for both payments and refunds.

  • Addressed null value issues in refunds.

  • Investigated and started resolving corporate account verification issues, especially with UBA.

  • Migrated old phone numbers for BVN verification.

  • Fixed incomplete company address display on Retool Invoice for Cowrywise.

  • Deprecated the app attribute of the preselect_bank widget property for GTB and updated relevant code samples in documentation.

The Okra Team.

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