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Dashboard upgrades + bank optimizations

AUTHOR: The Okra team

️ What's new?

Refunds on the dashboard

If you are using Okra Payments, you can now handle refunds both through the API and on the Okra dashboard. To initiate a refund on the dashboard, search the payment records table for the record that you want to refund, click into the record details and click the “refund” button on the top right to initiate.

Support feature on dashboard

There is a new Help button on the top toolbar of the dashboard. The “Contact support” item opens a modal so you can create a ticket directly with our support team. This ticket can be tracked with a support number that will be sent to your email, so we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

It allow gives quick access to our guides, API reference, and API status.

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements


  • Improvements on the export modal within the dashboard tables

  • Resolved issue with user income data not showing on the dashboard table after upgrading to Income 2.0

  • Updated text field components on the widget to allow for a larger clicking radius

  • Added new tooltips throughout the dashboard for better clarity

  • Fixed a bug to remove completed records from the pending tab on the records table, on the dashboard

  • Improve error handling for general one time payments

  • Resolved an issue with payment authorization when building a widget on the sandbox environment

  • Optimized status dropdowns and overlays on the dashboard table components

  • Refactor on our role manager for improved role management on the dashboard

  • Audit and updated bad URLs for BVN photos

  • Improved error message description for /products/kyc/nuban-verify


  • GT Bank:

    • Fixed a bug that occurred when initiating a payment for GTB (web/mobile)

    • Resolved error on GTB that showed "User abandoned widget before completing the payment." when using payment authorization

    • Added new responses to GTB and GT World successful payments status so it doesn’t show that it failed when it was actually a successful payment

  • Fidelity bank optimization

  • Optimizations for Stanbic bank to improve transaction success rate

  • Improved the connection time on the widget for banks to return record and balance data faster. Effected banks → Rubies, Unity, Suntrust

  • Resolved an issue with Income not pulling from Alat bank

  • Improved error handling on Ecobank when using payments

  • Improved error handling on FCMB when using payments

  • Improved errors for Zenith bank mobile

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