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Improved customer profile + options updates

AUTHOR: The Okra team

️ What's new?

Improved Customer Profile

  • We've recognized the need for a more user-friendly experience when accessing customer data on the dashboard. You previously had to navigate through multiple pages to view specific user information.

  • Introducing the new Customer Profile page, which consolidates all customer data into a single page, using a clear and simple layout. This update enables you to search for and manage customer information more efficiently.

Dashboard: layout & navigation enhancements

  • We've tackled several issues related to the dashboard's layout and navigation to ensure a smoother experience.

  • Improved the overall navigation flow and enhanced transitions and page loaders.

  • Addressed some issues with flickers and page jumps during navigation.

Table component improvements

  • We've made enhancements to our table component to provide a more robust and intuitive method to view, sort, and export your data.

Bank filters on the widget

  • We understand the importance of customization, and we've introduced a new feature that allows you to filter the banks you want to display for payments, data, and RUX (returning user experience) links. You can test it out by using the filter object in the API reference.

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements

Financial Institutions

  • Resolved an error on Union Bank personal accounts that was returned on login attempts, ensuring a smoother login process.

  • Fixed the PIN retry error specific to Stanbic Bank transactions.

  • Addressed an issue where errors were returned on PIN retry attempts for Zenith Mobile transactions.

  • Investigated and resolved a transaction issue that was affecting GTBank users.

  • Improved the success rate of transactions for FCMB, enhancing overall reliability.

  • Addressed a transaction issue specific to Alat, ensuring smoother transactions.

  • Resolved transaction issues for Fidelity Bank on both web and app platforms.

  • Fixed an error that was returned during development for Fidelity Bank on the web.

  • Addressed an issue where users were unable to proceed after inputting OTP on the data widget.

  • Fixed payment errors associated with Kuda Bank transactions.

  • Resolved an issue on UBA where users were unable to proceed to payment after providing an answer to the security question, as the security answer was populating the OTP input field.


Platform and Features:

  • Widget Enhancements: Users can now seamlessly advance through the flow by hitting the Enter key on their keyboard.

  • Transaction Success Rate: Focused on enhancing transaction success rates, particularly for high-traffic banks.

  • Income Bug Fix: Resolved a bug related to income data handling, specifically addressing missing customer names.

  • SDK Updates: Updated our SDKs to offer options for Quick Pay and RUX, providing users with more versatile payment choices.

  • Payment Webhooks: Implemented the sending of cancelled payment webhooks when a payment is cancelled.

  • Updates on the App Builder: In alignment with recent SDK updates, we have also updated the configurations on the app builder to maintain compatibility and optimize performance.


  • Deactivated Unity Bank mobile payment temporarily for necessary adjustments.

  • Deactivated the Providus app temporarily for integration purposes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Nuban-Verify Fix: Corrected identity pointing issues and eliminated record ID repetitions in Nuban-Verify.

  • SDKs and Webhook Integration: Improved RUX flows and integrated webhook support for both Android and iOS SDKs.

  • Data Availability: Resolved an issue where the Accounts & Record section of customers showed no data available in test mode.

  • Dashboard UI: Addressed a UI bug in the CAC forms upload section of the dashboard.

  • Manual Auth: Enabled manual authentication on the dashboard for added user control.

  • Webhooks for Products: Ensured that webhooks for products are now correctly returned after data linking.

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