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Credit-based billing and Auto Topup

AUTHOR: The Okra team

️ What's new?

Credit-based billing system

We're excited to announce a major update to our billing system. As of last week, we have transitioned from managed wallets to a credit-based system for all API calls.

With the new credit-based system, you no longer need to maintain funds in your wallet. Instead, you can purchase credits upfront and consume them as you make API calls. This gives you the flexibility to plan and optimize your account according to your specific requirements. The pay-as-you-go model ensures transparent billing, allowing you to easily monitor your credit balance and usage.

To help you manage your credits more effectively, we have made modifications to the wallet endpoints. You can find more information on these changes by visiting this link.

For additional details and answers to common questions, please refer to our FAQ section.

Auto topup updates

Take your API call management to the next level with our dashboard's Auto Topup functionality. This feature allows you to effortlessly maintain a consistent supply of API credits for your clients, ensuring uninterrupted service. By setting predefined thresholds for your API usage, our system will automatically replenish your credits when they reach a specified limit. With Auto Topup, you can focus on your core operations with peace of mind, knowing that your API credits will be automatically managed.

Get by Identity routes

We’ve introduced new best practices in using our Identity routes. To avoid duplicate API calls for the same user, Okra recommends that you leverage the Identity API using a simple process to call either getByBVN or getByNuban first, and then using BVN/NUBAN verify as the fallback. You can find the full guide here. The API reference for the new routes are linked below →

These routes are free, so there are no pricing implications.

Dashboard navigation update

Our primary goal was to enhance functionality and make accessing data a breeze. With this update, we have carefully redesigned the navigation interface to provide a clear and streamlined experience.

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements


  • Resolved dashboard onboarding issues with RC numbers

  • Resolved issue with the app page on the dashboard crashing and showing “undefined” key values

  • Fix data type inconsistency on sandbox account node

  • Fix duplicate key issue

  • Updated dashboard invitation URL to remove case sensitivity

  • Resolved a widget issue when 'X' button is clicked

  • Fixed the balance screen on the dashboard to ensure the data is always up to date


  • Identity mismatching - we noticed the identity returned sometimes is different from the expected identity

  • Resolved timeout issues for BVN verify


  • Fixed Heritage bank transaction formatting

  • Updated Zenith bank, for corporate accounts

  • Fixed Keystone bank transaction formatting

  • Resolved Access Bank timeout issues

  • Fixed GTBank timeout issues

  • Kuda debit fixes

  • Fixed issues with First Bank widget loading times

  • Fixed issues with widget loading times in sandbox for Kuda, Access bank and ALAT

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