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BVN Stability + Improved RUX flow

AUTHOR: The Okra team

️ What's new?

Stability Enhancements: Improved the stability of BVN verify endpoints, ensuring smoother and more reliable verification processes.

Expanded Connection Method: Introduced support for the "Account number" connection method within the widget, offering users a broader range of options for seamless connections.

Enhanced SDK Functionality: Updated SDK's to improve the RUX flow for end users, empowering smoother interactions and low friction payments.

Expanded Widget Test Coverage: This expansion ensures robust performance across a wider range of scenarios.

Error Handling Fixes: Addressed parsing issues related to error messages and resolved specific concerns associated with Income and Payments products.

Spending Patterns Response Object Refactoring: Streamlined and refactored the response object for the detailed spending pattern feature, enhancing its usability and efficiency.

API Key Page Redesign: Revamped the API keys page with a fresh design, enhancing user accessibility and security for managing API keys effectively.

👉🏾 Fixes and Improvements

Financial Institutions

  • Resolved an issue with FCMB handling multiple accounts

  • Updated an error message when attempting payment for Unity Bank (internet banking)

  • Resolved an issue with Unity Bank when attempting login on the data widget

  • Fixed an issue with transactions on Stanbic Bank after connecting an account

  • Fixed an issue with Transactions date showing null on Access mobile

  • Optimized payment success rate on Access Web

  • Resolved an issue with Standard Chartered returning an error on payment widget

  • Updated Sterling Bank corporate accounts for better connectivity


  • Resolved an issue with the production-sandbox callback not working

  • Stability update for

  • Resolved an issue where custom institutions still display on app when edited and changed to default institutions

  • App builder updates:

    • Template display and selection

    • Mobile and desktop app preview selection and panel

    • Better product selection

    • Cleaner institution tab and selection

    • Consolidated settings

  • Include account number as a search option & optimization of the filter feature on the dashboard

  • Resolved various errors when loading the widget on Safari browser

  • Feature enhancement on Income v2 to add next PayDate to Salary and Recurrent Credit

  • Usability update to the date picker component on the dashboard

  • Widget payments flow update to better account for multiple bank accounts with insufficient funds

  • Fixed an issue with certain accounts failing to link on Sandbox

  • Removed the bank column on the income table on the dashboard

  • SDK update - added support for user payment re-authorization with new parameters namely reAuthAccountNumber and reAuthBankSlug

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